Tips for birthdays

Today’s post is about ideas of maternity reminders, at the request of a friend who will receive the little princess Alice in September, put together some pretty cool ideas and easy to do.

And I think during pregnancy, nothing more pleasurable than doing with your hands the souvenir that will represent the birth of a child.

1) Ideas using clothespin:

Note: In the photo is something to eat that is in the bag, but ideally put those colored cottons. Look at those beautiful, for birth memories, I think the ideal is to make a heart and the time that opens put the baby’s name

2) Ideas using pins:

Note : You can wear a little girl’s pendant with a heart.

3) Ideas using a matchbox :

Obs: Inside the box, you can put the name and a heart

4) Ideas using toy miniatures and glass pot :

Obs: Just paste the toy into the lid and paint both with spray [And inside put the colored cottons]

5) Ideas using fabric and pin :

Obs: The step-by-step you can see here [Inside can also put colored cotton]

6) Ideas using cardboard and string :

Obs: You cut the letter on the cardboard and then roll the string

7) Ideas using paper [origami] :

Note: This is easy for those who have ease in making origami

I hope you liked the tips!

A kiss in the pocket!

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